TORONTO-Cinema forum: When the Moors ruled Europe



The David Ferriz Olivares House of culture screened the documentary “When the Moors ruled Europe”, last Friday May 23, as part of its monthly activities.  After the movie the General Directors of the Magna Foundation, Jose Miguel Esborronda and Maria Nilda Cerf opened a friendly dialgoue where the public participated in an interesting discussion about this rich and powerful society. 













The directors mentioned how its capital was the largest and most civilized city in Europe with hospitals, libraries and public infrastructure light years way ahead of anyplace at the time. The Moors introduced to Europe many classical Greek texts that had been lost to the rest of the continent for centuries including the areas of mathematics and the numbers used today; innovative astronomy and medical practices.

Little known history on the Moors during their 700 year governance over Medieval Europe, giving rise to a global center of high culture, science, mysticism, art, philosophy and knowledge.

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