TORONTO-Lecture University of Toronto: Education for Peace

image004“What is important is not solely teaching something to a child; it is shaping their spirit for observation and reflection, critical analysis within research and the love for truth,”

Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière,

The ELIC Foundation (Free Schools of Scientific Research for Children) presented the lecture: “Education for Peace”, given by our presidents Maria Nilda Cerf and Jose Miguel Esborronda.  The event took place at the OISE University of Toronto last May 31st, organized by the Canada delegation in the city of Toronto and sponserd by the University of Toronto with special support of Dr. Jack Miller from the group of holisitc educators.



image001Based on the high ideals proposed by the eminent sage Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière and his exegete Dr. David Ferriz Olivares, the topic of Education for Peace was adressed interestingly to the extent of how vital it is we shape our children to develop their potentials, providing them with all of the necessary tools to grow in harmony with themselves and society. Among other points exposed were how Observation in conjunction with Reflection are the basis for criteria in research and how this then allows for the Love of Truth, in the sense of inquisitive, open spirits seeking to realize their own ecceidad, their Talent.

The ELIC Foundation headquarters are located in Caracas, Venezuela.  It was founded in 1977 by Dr. David Ferriz Olivares and Accountant Maria Nilda Cerf in Caracas, Venezuela and since 1991 has been recognized as a private Foundation in various American and European countries.                                                          .                     


Speaker Maria Nilda Cerf is president and founder. She created The World Conferences for Childhood Talent, as living expressions of the message of Education-Learning-Shaping proposed by Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière, Dr. David Juan Ferriz Olivares and herself.  

Jose Miguel Esborronda, ELIC vice-president, and María Nilda Cerf continue to work in the development of advanced methodologies in the Shaping of the Child Researcher, based on the proposals of Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière, fostering within children critical analysis within research. They are co-authors of the book: “Educación para el Talento y la Paz”, which addresses the importance of providing children with an environment conducive to the awakening of research attitudes and shaping, creativity, and the development in their aptitudes for the diverse branches of Science, Education, Philosophy, Art and Culture.





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