TORONTO- Dr. David Ferriz House of Culture cinema forum "The Inside job"


Last Friday, August 8th, we screened the documentary film: The Inside Job (2010) by Charles Ferguson, this eye-opening documentary on the 2008 U.S. financial crisis and the underlying corruption behind it, acts that still have effect on our society to this day.

Our cinema forum moderators, Pamela Aspilcueta, CGA (certified general accountant) and Ivan Romo, B.ASc., explored the topic: the need for a more humanitarian economy. What values are promoted when few individuals use up their wealth just to fulfill their needs? And do these needs reflect a much more individually-based economy?

Ivan Romo commented on the psychological effect of the growing culture of materialism and consumerism similar to that of addiction, and compared to the effect drugs can have on the human brain.  A behavior that has been linked to greed, vices and showing lack of wellbeing on all levels.

With this in mind have we been then conditioned to act or think this way?

Pamela Aspilcueta positively noted on the need for a much more altruist way of life.  In this sense, the need for building cooperative businesses that means working together, where every person is an owner and not just one or two, where our values then have a higher purpose and fullfiment for all.

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