TORONTO- Book Forum: "Humanism in Science"

MonthOfOctober2014-TorontoDear Friends of the House of Culture,

Join us this Friday Oct 31st, at 7pm, for our Book Forum on: Humanism in Science, with our guest speaker Carlos Huajardo (psychologist, specialist in Transactional Analysis).

Join us for this forum/workshop where each person will read and add to what this concept of Humanism in Science is. Whom of the various thinkers have contributed to this topic? How has this concept evolved throughout the ages?

Please contact us below for further information.  See you there!  

The Dr. David Juan Ferriz Olivares House of Culture
Magna Fraternitas Universalis Foundation
1988 Dufferin St.
Toronto, ON, M3E 3R2, Canada
(416) 477-5642