TORONTO-HOUSE OF CULTURE Workshop: Transactional Analysis

Lecture-Toronto-November__2014-Analisis_Transaccional-2Dear friends of the House of Culture,

We would like to invite you all to a surprise workshop on Transactional Analysis this Saturday, November 1st, from 12:30pm to 2:30 pm, with guest psychologist and international lecturer Carlos Huajardo. 

Join us for this workshop where our guest speaker will begin to delve into practical psychological methods of this humanistic branch of psychology. What options and means can we have to resolve conflicts? What models can we use as a reference to develop our observation, self-observation and growth?

This and more...

This is a family friendly event, feel free to contact us.  Please see poster for more details.

The Dr. David Juan Ferriz Olivares House of Culture
Magna Fraternitas Universalis Foundation
1988 Dufferin St.
Toronto, ON, M3E 3R2, Canada
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