Melbourne - Australia‎- Conference: Inflammation the root of most of our diseases by Mark Doneddu


Mark Doneddu, World Vegan Day President, Vegetarian Victoria President, will talk about the relation between inflammation and different diseases.INFLAMMATION – The Underlying Cause of pain, discomfort, soreness, injury and at the root of most of our major illnesses and diseases. Whether you are an athlete trying to maximise performance, reduce injury and recover faster, or in your later years in life trying to guard against the chances of acquiring or trying to reverse arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease, this talk is not to be missed.

Inflammation is a hot topic at the moment with it being linked to everything from Acne to Zimmermann-Laband syndrome, whilst being implicated in our major diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and repertory problems.

Why is diet such a big factor in developing inflammation? What are the foods that trigger inflammation? What are the foods that reduce inflammation? The answer to all these questions and more will be answered in a 60 minute presentation that will ensure that you will be better informed about a major health concern that is on the increase.

Viernes, 1 de marzo de 2019

House of Culture Dr. David Juan Ferriz Olivares: Melbourne - Australia341 Moray St, Melbourne 3205